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Homework Help: Hamming Coder

  1. Oct 8, 2008 #1
    Ok, so, i need to design a system with a sender and a receiver. There are 4 bits to be sent which need to be encoded using Hamming SECEDED code. Now, i need to design all the hardware individually, meaning that the receiver, the channel and the sender need to be broken down and using simple Boolean functions i need to draw a scheme for the individual parts. I managed to do everything except the error correcting part.

    I can calculate the syndrome, and I know which bit was sent incorrectly, however i don't know how to build a circuit using AND, OR EXOR and NOT functions which will find the wrong bit and fix it. I guess i should have 7 inputs, one for each bit, but cant seem to understand how to use the syndrome to correct the sent data.

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