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Hand-held supercomputer?

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    There has been a recent "breakthrough" in nanomaterials:


    This appears to be about scaling metallic "wires" down to nano-size. Such wires behave in a non-classical way and this may lead to much higher densities of switches and other devices etc. in chips. The page has links to other nanowire articles...
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    Dr Transport

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    I remember one of my professors years ago giving a seminar on his calculation of the behavior of metallic wires as the cross-section is reduced. If memory serves me correctly they became superconducting at room temp.

    I'd love to have a hand-held supercomputer, the fun stuff I'd work on.
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    You already have one.
    The first supercomputer I worked on ran at around 200MFlops - about the same as the CPU in playstation 3 and 1/10 the speed of the GPU in the same console.
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