Hand moldable plastic!

  1. Hi,
    I am looking for a material that molds/gets shape with hand at room temperature and does not separate! Does such a material exist?
    (By the way I am do not have physics background!)

    Many thanks for you help :)
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  3. Not sure what is meant by "does not separate", but RadioShack sells this thermoplastic:

    U Mold

    I have used this before and basically you just pour the beads into a bowl of microwaved water, doesn't have to be boiling. You can them mold it with your hands. When cooled it is a hard plastic. It can be melted and molded again if needed. I think this is the same material used in some 3D printers.

    Otherwise there are thermosets like Sculpey that are molded at room temperature before being baked in a normal oven. They cannot be remolded. But I think you already know about those.

  4. Thanks Mishima, could it be remolded endlessly?
  5. If you are careful about not contaminating it with dust/dye/paint/etc, then yes it doesn't lose any quality after multiple hardenings. I have honestly not tried it above around 10 times though. There are probably some techniques for cleaning it that I am unaware of.

  6. Thanks Mishima, will try it,
    KR, Leila
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