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Hang nails

  1. Apr 10, 2005 #1
    Why do we get hang nails and why do they form? Any way to prevent the annoying little things?
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    Them darn hangnails

    :smile: Check this out.

    http://www.mothernature.com/Library/Bookshelf/Books/47/70.cfm [Broken]

    Hmm, ya learn something new every day. I was wondering why I always got those things when I was working at UPS loading cardboard boxes into trucks. Now I know.
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    Thats a cool link thanks Huck. Thanks. Why on earth would you try to remove your cuticles? They are there for a reason.
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    Gosh, you know, I get hangnails from time to time but I do exactly what it says not to. I just pick at them with a fingernail until they tear off. Never had any problem. I also rarely clip my nails; I peel the excess nail off with a fingernail from the other hand. No, it never goes into the quick.
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    Gah, I hate watching people do that. My friends do that instead of cut them...drives me nuts.
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    Its been a long time since I've worked at UPS but it was hell on the hangnails. I handled so many heavy cardboard boxes that it wore my fingerprints off. (They have since grown back, don't worry) The constant contact with the paper , according to that web site, was stealing the oils from my hand and the first part to suffer was the part that seperates into the hangnail because it loses its water and dries up. I would get nasty hangnails all the time working there. Sometimes they would bleed. My cuticles were a mess too, but I think that was more from corners and stuff.

    Do I sound metrosexual yet?
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