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Homework Help: Hanging ball

  1. Nov 27, 2015 #1
    1. https://gyazo.com/a298396e34c32669755a5caffe82290e https://gyazo.com/a298396e34c32669755a5caffe82290e A small ball of mass m = 30 g hangs from the ceiling on a l = 50 cm long light rope. From the side a chain is attached, as seen on the picture. Whats the mass of the chain? Heres the part I don't understand: it says that the tangent at the point where the chain attaches to the ball lies horizontally, but it doesn't show that in the picture. And the last part states that Alpha = 30°

    2. Relevant equations : F = ma I guess https://gyazo.com/ee57432735c37fe601c83f440688e767 https://gyazo.com/ee57432735c37fe601c83f440688e767

    3. The attempt at a solution : I have no clue.
    Does anyone have any hints how to go about? Also this is a year 1 college physics problem.
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    Why don't you upload your image here so that we can see it? (Use the UPLOAD button).

    You need to show some effort before help can be offered. That's the forum rules. Posts without genuine effort shown are usually deleted. You must have some concepts and material from your course notes or text that can be applied.

    Start with free body diagrams of the two main objects. What equations are relevant to each?
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