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Hanging baskets

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    I have several around my. cott, i need some suggestions as to what plants
    to put in them, some thing evergreen that flowers maybe
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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/basics/techniques/plant_hangingbasket.shtml [Broken] :biggrin:

    http://www.ukgardening.co.uk/project_basket.asp :biggrin:

    and PM the each of the PF sisters and make each a basket of their favorite flowers. :biggrin:

    We had a hanging basket (can't remember the flowers unfortunately) with a quit a bit of sphagnum moss. A pair of thrushes nested in it and they had two babies. We got to see them leave the nest on their first flight. :smile: I stuck around until the little one's got off the ground which took about an hour.
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    What's your climate like? Finding something evergreen that flowers year round is a bit tough. We have a Christmas Cactus that blooms all year long as long as it gets decent light. It's OK when it's not in bloom, but the blooms make up for it when they're out.

    I'm a fan of Fuschias myself for hanging baskets.
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    Our climate? well of late it has been around 0 to minus 5, now it is wet
    and plus 5 ish, i guess summer temps will be between 60 to 70 average,
    some of my baskets are mostly in the shade, the ones in the front of the
    cott will get good morning sunlight.
    I do not want year round flowers, it would just be nice if they bloomed some time in the summer.
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