Hanging Wire Uniform Magnetic Field

  1. [SOLVED]Hanging Wire Uniform Magnetic Field

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    See figure attached.

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    [tex]\vec{F_{b}} = i\vec{L} \times \vec{B}[/tex]

    Using my right hand rule, I can see that the force is pushing the wire to the right. This correlates with what is in the drawing.

    As the force pushes the wire to the right, due to the finite length of the strings on which it hangs, it will start to move up and to the right.

    If I can somehow figure out the force that causes it to move, I can solve for B.

    Since the wire is moving to the right and up do I have to relate the force due to the field to the force of gravity somehow?

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: Solved it. The answer is A I believe.

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