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Hans Bethe's views

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    Just published:http://www.arxiv.org/abs/physics/0507043

    From the abstract
    Bethe of course was the world famous, Nobel winning physicst who died at an advanced age a few weeks ago. He was head of the computation division at Los Alamos during the development of the atom bomb, and Feynmann worked for him there.
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    Th-232 can be used in a thermal breeder to produce U-233, and U-238 is converted to Pu-239 (with subsequent production of Pu-240, 241, 242 and Am-241,242,243, Cm-244). Actinide burning is a possibility.
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    I don't see Bethe's solution as solving the proliferation problem - and neither
    did the International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evaluation study of the late 70s,
    early 80s.

    I think the solution lies with concepts like Argonne's Integral Fast Reactor;
    the IFR:


    The IFR concept allow on-site reprocessing - so that the weapons-grade
    material never leaves the high radiation portion of the power plant.

    Additionally, as Dr. Till states; the IFR concept doesn't separate the
    weapons useable material from other "stuff" that makes the creation
    of a weapon with that material impossible.

    The IFR is a breeder; so it makes potential use of all the Uranium
    available, both U-238 and U-235; and not just the fissile U-235.

    The IFR address proliferation concerns - the Plutonium created is never
    separated from "stuff" that makes the use of that Plutonium in a weapon

    The IFR is "inherently-safe" or "passively-safe" - it doesn't rely on
    engineered safeguards like emergency pumps to guarantee safety.
    It relies on the Laws of Physics; which always work.

    It really is too bad that Clinton cancelled this project in 1994 to
    appease the anti-nuclear crowd.

    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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    I thoroughly agree with you doctor. Without your expertise, I have been a proponent of the IFR for years, as my old posts on PF will show. I just thought it was interesting to see what Bethe, for whom I have the greatest respect, thought about it. Maybe the thoughts retailed in the paper were from before the IFR design was developed.
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