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Happy 85th Birthday, Sir Roger Penrose!

  1. Aug 8, 2016 #1
    Roger Penrose, of course, needs no introduction.
    At 85 he is as productive as ever, publishing papers, giving guest lectures. He also has a new book on the way and a kid currently in primary school.

    Here is a somewhat recent interview detailing a few aspects of his life.

    Happy birthday to you good Sir and we wish you many more.
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    I think that is good for him! Except health issues, what else would people particularly his relatives be worried about him for if it wasn't about money ?
    I would also really like to be (even more) productive and active like that if I could live up to 80s.
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    Definitely. By the way, it's surprisingly difficult to find out what he is currently working on, aside from giving public lectures and receiving honorary degrees each month.

    It's a shame somewhat that Penrose doesn't have more of an online presence, in the sense of a website/blog/twitterfeed/etc, but it isn't all that surprising given his knack for doing things the old way (transparent sheets with an overhead projectors instead of PowerPoint :biggrin:), his somewhat philosophical dislike of computers/AI, and of course his advanced age.
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