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Happy About Christmas Gift

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    You should have seen my face when I tore open one of my christmas presents this year. I got a MEADE ETX-80 Refracting Telescope. Last night the sky was a bit cloudy, thus we could not see any stars, or the moon, thus we couldn't use the telescope. But tonight it was a perfect night. Me and my father were able to locate Jupiter, and the Moon (of course). My dad seemed more excited than me, and kept saying that if he was able to have one of these telescopes, he would have wanted to become a AstroPhysicist, not a theoretical physicist. Since tonight, seems as if I'm in the same situation as my father's. I wanna' become an AstroPhysicist! Just as fortunate, there is an Astro Physics page on this very website. I'm very excited! :approve:
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    Awesome! I actually just took mine out today and I got a decent view of Jupiter but my telescope is kind of run down. You should download Stellarium, it's a small piece of software that has the current sky map in your geographical location. You can move it in the future in the past to find out where the planets and stars will be on other dates.

    Good luck!
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    And welcome to PF, you'll find this site very helpful!
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    Thanks! I've already found it helpful. :biggrin:
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