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Happy birth day pogo stick

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    Keep on pogoing young man.
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    Did you know the pogo stick was invented on the island of pogo from natives that used bamboo shoots wrapped around with the sap of palm trees as an elastic damper to cause the 'springiness'. Jumping the highest generally meant he was the 'manliest' guy and thus got the best pick of a mate.

    They also would decroate them with carvings and paints.
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    Cool. Do they get royalties for every stick sold? I bet not...

    Happy Birthday pogo!
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    Hmmm, I didn't know that little pogo fact. I did enjoy jumping on them, and recall all of us kids putting streamers and stuff on them and haveing a Pogo parade.
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    Happy Birthday ydoaps!
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    I kinda lied about that whole pogo story. :devil:
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    Hahahaha! Well it was a believable story, at least. :smile:
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    One would be totally asinine to believe a spiv.
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    You brits. I have no idea if thats an isult or a compliment on how awesome I am.

    Take the lift to my flat so we can drink some pints you fat stone, mate.
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    Happy Birthday YDOAPS!!!!!!
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    No, sweetie. Just because he told you that it was a pogo stick doesn't mean that it was one.
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