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Happy Birthday, Artman

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    Happy Birthday, Artman !!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Artman !!!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day.

    May you have many more years!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Happy Bday Artman!!!

    Are you still here? I haven't seen you around much since the caption competition thread died. :biggrin:
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    Happy birthday, Artman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish you a great year ahead!:smile:
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    Hey, buddy... Happy Happy, and many more. :smile:
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    Happy Birthday Artman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
  8. Oct 23, 2006 #7
    Happy birthday to you !:smile:
  9. Oct 23, 2006 #8
    Thanks everyone!

    I miss that thread! :cry:
    I wonder if I killed it?
    I miss the Thread Killer Champions thread too! :cry:

    I still pop in to read occasionally. I've been busy with music lately and spending more time at music sites. :redface:

    I still love the people here. Great bunch of intelligent folks.
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    Happy Birthday for yesterday!

    Do you have any good music sites?
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    Math Is Hard

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    OMG! I was SO TOTALLY thinking about you today! There was this really cute card with a sheep on it at the store. Anyway, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy birthday!
  12. Oct 24, 2006 #11
    Oh? :tongue2:

    How in the world did I ever get this reputation of having a thing for sheep? :grumpy: I have never done anything to a sheep that I would not do to a person...

    :uhh: ...that didn't come out right, did it?

    :uhh: So, :uhh: What store has the really cute sheep cards? :uhh:

    Just wondering. You know, curious and all. :uhh:


    A couple, Soundclick.com, my band has a page on there:

    Lady Di and the Knights

    and Fender Discussion Pages:

    Fender Discussion Pages

    But don't spend all your time there. :wink:
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