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Happy Birthday check 111

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    Happy Birthday check!!!!!!!!11111111

    Happy Birthday check!!!!!11111

    To those who are new, check invented the !!!!!!!1111111 :biggrin:

    We miss you around here!!!111 :frown:
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    So that's where the !!!!!!!1111111 comes from? I think I saw it in another few b-day threads. :smile:

    Anyway, best wishes to check!!
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    It's in all the B'day threads. Yet another PF mystery is solved.

    Good luck, check!!!1111
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    Awww... Thanks guys :)
    I had a swell bday. My sister got me a Dwight (from NBC's The Office) bobble head! Isn't that awesome?
    I'm glad I'm remembered for something around here (!!!!!111111) :)
    I really should stop by more often.
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