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Happy Birthday, Dimitri Terryn

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    Happy Birthday, Dimitri Terryn!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Dimitri ! !!!!!!!!!!!

    Wishing you a great day!

    May you have many more!

    Now where are the PF sisters hiding?
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    Happy Birthday, Dimitri !
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    happy birthday!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the handsomest, brightest men on PF!!!! :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!) :!!)

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    Thanks alot people! I've just gotten home, yesterday I had a birthday party near the university, and tonight I had dinner with a good friend who couldn't make it yesterday because she is doing he industrial internship (mandatory for engineering students).

    If you're interested about the weird people I hang out with, you can find a photo-report of the party at

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    Great pictures Dimitri!!!! Looks like you had a very good time. Does your offer of dark Belgium chocolate still stand? I could use a ton. :smile:
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    Hmm...that could indeed be arranged. I seem to remember that I made certain promises concerning said foodstuff... I do not forget promises! :wink:
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday!

    That corner building in the third picture is interesting. It looks kinda gothic.? Man, I wish I knew more about architecture. Do you know? Sorry, it just really caught my eye. Anywho, it looks like you have some fun friends and a pretty city there. Congrats! :biggrin:
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    Gothic? I doubt it. The whole are around the VUB (my university) comprises of two parts : the former military barracks and the royal hunting grounds.

    The military baracks still exist, but now host the federal police. The grounds on which the university was built used to be the training grounds for the troops. We still have historically important ice cellars under the VUB, where the beer for the troops was stored :biggrin:

    The Royal Hunting Grounds now only exist as the name of the main boulevard in that area (La Chase). It was urbanised in the 1950's.

    I believe the name of the architecture is "Neo-Tudor". Most buildings were built in the late 19th century.
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    Hah, do you guys put on historical reenactments there?
    Great, thanks! Yeah, I was thinking of the Gothic style (some kind of neo-Gothic, revival thing) rather than the time period.
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    Happy birthday, Dimitri!!!!

    Nice pics...:smile:
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    Lol, no, but we used to do the initiation ritual (the "baptism") for freshmen there. A few years ago they became a protected monument so we had to stop though. :smile:

    A lot more pictures were taken, but the server on which I'd like to store them is down at the moment. I'll post something when they're online.
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