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Happy birthday, DrChinese

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    Happy birthday, DrChinese!!!

    Fu Manchu is 52 years old today (I thought he would be a lot older).
    Anyways, happy birthday to you!
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    why am i always late in finding out whose birthday it is? :mad:
    happy birthday.
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    Best wishes of the Day Mr Chinese!
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    Happy birthday Mr.Chineese
    ur webpage did link me to some cool papers, esp. 'Description Of Physical Reality - EPR' (Original)..
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    Happy Birthday, DrChinese!!!!!!!!!!!111 :biggrin:
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    Happy Birthday Dr Chinese!!!!!!!! and thanks for your knowledge and help here at PF!!!!
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    Happy birthday Dr Chinese

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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday, DrChinese! You have the best website for Bell theorem/Entanglement of anyone I know.

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    Happy Birthday, Dr. Chinese. And thanks for all your discussions on the measurement problem.
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    Shoot! I didn't see this until today.

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Chinese!!
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