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Happy Birthday Echo 6 Sierra 1

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    Happy Birthday Echo 6 Sierra!!!!!!!111111

    Happy Birthday E6S!!!!!!!111111

    Are you doing anything special today?
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    I know how much you love those Sonic burgers, so I thought you might enjoy one of those fancy $100 Boca Raton hamburgers for your birthday:

    Have a great time today, whatever you decide to do to celebrate!! :smile:
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    Hope you have a wonderful day!
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday from whisky oscar lema.
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    Happy Birthday, Echo6Sierra !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I'm late - been busy have I.

    I hope you had a nice Birthday - and may you have many more.

    Woolie - you forgot to say "Roger, Over and Out!" :biggrin:
  8. Jun 25, 2006 #7
    Thank you, thank you, thank you,thank you, thank you, aaaand thank you. Pretty uneventful thank goodness. I went to College Station to get away from Austin for a few days and made like Barry & Levon. Had dinner at my FAVORITE place, Cazadores!:!!) :tongue2: !! The sucky thing about partying until 3am is that it's impossible for me to sleep past 9. Went to chow down at Chipotle and I must say, Chipotle beats Freebirds Wurld Burritos hands down. There's just something about eating a burrito, or just food in general, prepared by someone with a hole in their nose thats very unappetizing to me. I always want to hang a coat hanger in it for fun. Also went to the Trough(Golden Corral, for the uninitiated) and got them down to about 2-fiddy a plate. I need to hit the lotto so I can become a proper Bon Vivant.

    So.....Evo......how about for a belated birthday gift we go ballroom dancing? I'll pick you up in my Deusenberg Phaeton, top down of course so wear a scarf. I'll be dapper in a tux with tails and spats, no cane. You have to wear a proper dress like the ladies in the competitions do and I get at least one photo of us standing side by side holding a newspaper to prove it. Sorry, but from time to time when we dance I will actually have to touch your waist and hold your hand(s). THEIR RULES, NOT MINE! I would appreciate it if you didn't make icky noises while we danced either. It will be posted here of course so that I may wallow in the jealousy and envy of ALL!!! MU-MU-MU-WHAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!! Sorry, I watched the Incredibles 2 times this weekend. Of course, if you'd rather, we can just throw on some jeans and t's and go to Sonic for some chili cheese tots w/jalapenos and onions and then have a burping contest with the car-hops.
  9. Jun 26, 2006 #8
    Thank you! I've had both Kobe beef and beef from Argentina (the beef from Ar was advertised, so I can't really say) and I gotta tell ya...once it's ground up and grilled it pretty much tastes the same as a chub of hb from wal-marks. On the other hand, if you've never eaten Kobe beef done by a Japanese chef in Japan you are missing out. You can cut it with a chop stick.:tongue2: :tongue2:
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