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Happy Birthday fourier jr

  1. Oct 11, 2005 #1
    Happy Birthday fourier jr!!!!!

    Hope you had a great Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy, Happy, Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    well other than the boss buying me 4 drinks @ the restaurant i work at, it's a pretty low-key birthday. usually i get to have my birthday party with thanksgiving dinner & my little cousin's birthday (which is tomorrow) but this year it was much more subdued for some reason. maybe i'm just getting older. :frown: on the upside i'm going to the east coast for 5 weeks starting in november. i guess that can be a belated birthday present.
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    Sounds like a wonderful belated gift! Hope you have a great time. Happy Birthday!

    And yes the older you get..lol the less fun B-days become.
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    happy birthdy:smile:
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday, fourier jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :biggrin:
    Hope you have a great time! :smile:
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