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Happy Birthday JasonRox

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    Happy Birthday JasonRox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday JasonRox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Birthday, Jason!!!!!!

    And may you have many more!

    Tahnyotho or brigo!
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    happy, happy birthday
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    Happeh Birthdeh!
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    Happy Birthday Jason...
    You Rox!!!!! :biggrin:
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    Bappy hearse-day, Jason! :smile:
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    Hope you Birthday ROX!
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    Hops and Burpday JAson Rox.
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    Have a wonderful birthday Jason!!!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone!!! :biggrin:

    I'm now 22 old years old. :smile:

    I got to wake up early for school, go to work then drive an hour away from home to my girlfriend. She's doing homework right now. :frown:

    I hope she finishes soon because this ain't fun waiting.

    Note to everyone: Do your homework before hand. Split them up into different days... like 10 problems into two problems a day or something. I learned that when you do this it's much easier. Waiting until the last minute makes the homework seem harder than it really is. I just handed in 3 assignments today, and 1 yesterday. I didn't not stress over it at all. :biggrin:

    When my girlfriend is done... :!!)
  12. Sep 30, 2005 #11
    Hmmmm, Peru must be one of you.
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    Happy Birthday, JasonRox!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :biggrin:

    Sorry I'm late. Hope you had fun!
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