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Happy Birthday jimmy p

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    Happy Birthday jimmy p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Chopnik!!!!!!!!!!

    It's Party Time!!!


    Stole Moonbear's party
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    lol, u must have been about 2 seconds quicker than me!
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    Happy Birthday JimmyP!!! Since Evo already stole my party, I guess I'll just bring the beer. Cheers mate!
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    Happy birthday, sweet Chopnik. We miss you.
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    Happy Birthday, Jimmy P.

    I hope you show up for the festivities. They're going all out here. :biggrin:
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    Have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!
  8. Mar 17, 2005 #7
    Happy Birthday! i'm 17, so i can't bring booze, or anything fun, but i'll sit around and look pretty :biggrin:

    psst evo, all your smilies are making my browser close.. maybe its just me? i dunno....
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    Happy birthday
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