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Happy Birthday Lenin

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    Happy Birthday Lenin!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Lenin!!!!!!111111

    Way too many birthdays this month.
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    Happy birthday Lenin,

    JANUARY ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You guys are violating the color code.

    Happy Birthday Lenin !!!!!!1111

    ...for whatever it's worth. Haven't seen him around in a while.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!1111
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    Lenin!?!?! You are still alive?!?!

    How did you do that.

    Happy Birthday. So what is it - 135? But I thought your birthday was in April. Good though to get an early start.
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    He was online today and wished Hurkyl a happy birthday, but it was typed in black, which worried me, then I noticed it was his birthday today too. :cry:

    Lenin, I had just woken up and hadn't looked at the birthdays yet, I'm sorry.
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  9. Jan 10, 2005 #8
    Thank you!!!!!!!!11111111

    Thank you all!!!!!!11111111 :smile: :smile:

    You are the only people who remember it! :cry: :cry:

    PS. I had some problems with my internet conection (via mobile phone) so I could not use colors :confused: .

    PPS I despise STALIN (he gave communism a bad name)
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