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Happy Birthday Marie Curie!

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    Doc Al

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    Madame Curie was born on this date in 1867. You know who she is! She coined the term "radioactive" and was the first person to win two Nobel prizes. She died in 1934.
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    Much smarter than just science, she had a "modern" indoor bathroom put in with the money from one of those Nobel Prizes.
    (well ..... that's what I heard...)
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    Happy Birthday!

    Two nobel prizes! That's awesome!
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    Marie is a remarkable figure. She actually donated her Nobel price medals to help France with WWI war effort.
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    Are you sure she did not use a portion of one of them to build a modern bathroom in her home?
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    "6. Madame Marie Curie was the first person ever to win two Nobel Prizes. Her first was in physics (1903) and the second in chemistry (1911). Reportedly, she used part of the prize money to re-wallpaper and to install a modern bathroom into her Paris home."

    There are several references to it on google.
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    If I were her, I'd put in a bathroom too. Happy Birthday Madame.
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    How do we help a dead person celebrate the anniversary of their birth?
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    Perhaps you're both right, and she used the cash for her bathroom and donated the gold prize medals to the France war effort?
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    And if she did build an indoor bathroom then she was helping to lead the way to....
    (from mum calling out) "Honey? Be careful with that experiment you are doing in there and don't blow up the house!!!" Anyone remember that one?
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    Especially after experiencing French toilets on a frequent basis... :tongue:
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    After being exposed to radiation for long time, wouldn't that make you go to the bathroom often?
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    Don't know about radiation and elimination.
    I think she must have been thinking about her dear daughter not having to go out in the cold for those first precious science experiments that happen with the chemistry set and what ever is in all those neat bottles mum and dad have in the bathroom.
    My father was an engineer and I didn't get clearance, (unlike hypatia) to the labs to do my first experiments.
    I was confined to the bathroom by parents trusting that the fire would be contained to "my lab."
    Madam Curie was also a mommy!
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