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Happy Birthday, Sting 11

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    Happy Birthday, Sting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Happy Birthday, Sting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11[color=66033]111[/color]

    Cheers! :biggrin: Can you play the Happy Birthday song on those bagpipes?
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    Happy birthday, Sting!!!!!!!!
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    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Sting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Math Is Hard

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    Hey, Sting! Happy Birthday to ya!!!!

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    Happy birthday
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    Have a great Birthday!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks everyone :smile: . I was pretty stressed out till I came across this thread. Thanks for cheering me up.

    I can try but it'll probably come out sounding more like a bag of cats being tortured. :wink:
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