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Happy Chinese new year!

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    Do you guys know that today(2/10) is the first day in Chinese calendar? so happy new year guys. By the way, is there any Chinese here?
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    My wife and I are planning to go to Times Square tonight and watch the ball come down.
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    我不是中国人,可是说或中文。 我的中文不好。

    I wish I could visit China for the celebration. That would be a neat experience. I've always loved Chinese culture.
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    Oh, where I am it is Chinese New Year's Eve. 恭喜发财!
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    Happy new year to you. :)
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    Gong hei fat choy :smile:
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    Cool, I heard the ball-dropping is an very old tradition for NY people.
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    Wow, you can really make others see Chinese here, how nice. Chinese is somehow difficult for first-timer to learn and speak, as my USA friend told me, and I think Chinese culture is really broad and deep, so worth understanding.
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    Thank you all for your wishes~
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    http://openspacesfengshui.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/2013-year-of-the-snake-250x236.jpg [Broken]
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    kung hei fat choi!
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    Years ago someone told me this phrase actually means, "Happy New Year, now give me the red envelope!" (Traditionally children are given money at New Year's in a red envelope.)

    Any truth to that?
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    RootX and fuzzyfelt must've prepared for this.. I mean there are a whole lot of Chinese kids out there. :biggrin:
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    hehe :rofl:

    I know this is Cantonese way of saying Happy New Year. A Mandarin restaurant ad on our local radio used to "Gong hei fat choy " this all around the year!
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    Absolutely. It doesn't only apply to the new year though. They are called hong2bao1 (红包), literally "red envelope". Something interesting to note is that the money inside, should always end in an even number, you know, because odd numbers are bad luck.
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    Welcome to the New Year you sexy, slimy reptiles!
  20. Feb 11, 2013 #19
    Merry Christmas ... or the same thing to a different culture.

    Pick you celebration ... and have fun with it.

    Lunar New Year is as good as any. Party on dudes!
  21. Feb 12, 2013 #20
    HaHa, that's right. No one actually say it but kids, I can remember I used to say it when I was a kid, before or after I got the red envelope, both ways are ok since people who give kids envelopes must be family members. Funny thing to say is I had to prepare many different words other than “gong xi fa cai" to say to different members otherwise, say, grandfather or some wouldn't give me the envelope till I speak another new word.
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