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Happy Easter everyone!

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    Happy Easter everyone! What days do you celebrate in your area? Here, public holidays are Friday, Sunday and Monday but Green Thursday is already unofficial beginning of the holidays. :)

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    Happy Easter Sophia, we have the same hols as you.:biggrin:
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    Happy Easter! No idea! :biggrin:

    I had completely forgotten about Easter.
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    Maybe you can tell us about your holidays when the time comes :-)
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    Mom made a cake and it had chocolate eggs, sprinkles, and it was colorful :biggrin:. Only now that you wrote this thread I realized it was for Easter :nb).
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    Hahaha I guess you don't have state holidays otherwise you would surely know the reason why you don't have to go to school/work :-)
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    There are, and way too many in my opinion. :confused: I just don't pay attention and ignore them. o0)

    There were over 30 holidays, but they got reduced because there were too many days free for people and it was a hindrance. Nothing could get done properly since when you thought there would be 5 business days it was actually only 4 or 3 business days followed by another week with 4 or 3 business days. Things that would usually get done in 5-7 business days took 2 or more weeks to get done because of the holidays. It was a real hindrance and I still think that even when they have been reduced it is a hindrance.

    You realize they are a hindrance when you need something from the government ASAP and they take an eternity to serve you simply because they are off in holidays.
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    That's really a lot.
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    Yes, although even when I think holidays are a hindrance it doesn't mean I act like a jerk towards those who which me a happy holiday. I just wish them back: "Right back at ya!" :smile:
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    Equation for an easter egg

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