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Happy Father's Day.

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    My daughter moved out last week. She is sharing a house with 4 other people including her boyfriend. But she's coming with us today as the family takes me out for a day at the shore. It'll be steamed lobsters for lunch followed by a promenade on the boardwalk, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and a ride on the skilift to nowhere. I hope you are having or giving a happy father's day.
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    Happy father's day all fathers. Help yourself to a tie


    So far no neck ties yet, although we were discussing that in the landmark game, with the last landmark, the origine of father's day

    https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=270543&page=337 [Broken]
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    I got up at 3am to smoke a turkey for my father. He'll be happy with the cookout and a couple of cold beers. Just a quiet afternoon with my wife and my brother and his little girl.

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    I miss Seaside! I have happy memories of riding the ski lift to nowhere with my dad too. For some reason, I absolutely loved that as a kid...and looking at all the flip flops on the roofs of the buildings we passed over...lol!

    I hope all the dads here had a Happy Father's Day!
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    I worked today!
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    Happy Father's Day to the dads here. I sent my father what I hoped was the gift of laughter, and it was a success. We both scored. :smile:
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    lol @ the ties.

    Happy belated Father's Day, gents!
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