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Happy Hanukkah

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    Or Chanukkah. May your nights be bright and your latkes be crunchy.
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    This holiday has been great for me. My daughter got straight A's and my son got all A's and a single B. Anyone who knows about my daughter knows how thrilled I am that she has come back to earth. The economic turmoil has left us relatively unscathed too, so I was in a very generous mood. This worked to the benefit of my kids, my wife, and to me as well. My kids actually contended for the right to say the blessing (Blessed be G-d, ruler of the universe, who commanded us to screw in the lightbulbs of Hannukah). I feel like singing 'Tradition' from Fiddler on the Roof.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Happy, happy Hannukah!

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    Mmmm, eating latkes by the light of the electric Menorah.
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    Wonderful, jimmy...especially about your kids, double especially for your daughter :smile:!
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    Thenk you veddy much.
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    And Happy Solstice too!
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    I'll remember this Solstice for a while, binzing! We are buried in snow (it took hours for me to shovel out walks and the deck and snow-blow the driveway) and the temperature is plunging. We got up to a toasty 22 deg F this afternoon and are looking at sub-zero temps with howling winds tonight. Brrr. I could use some global warming about now.
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