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Happy Pi Day

  1. Mar 14, 2006 #1
    Happy Pi Day!!!

    wish you all a very happy pi day!!!:smile:
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  3. Mar 14, 2006 #2
    Mmmmmmmmmm...Apple pi. :!!)

  4. Mar 14, 2006 #3


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    Happy pi day to you too, murshad!
  5. Mar 14, 2006 #4


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    How come nobody made a fuss for e day back in February?

    Happy pi day!!!
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  6. Mar 14, 2006 #5


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    Happy [itex]\pi = 3.14[/itex] day!

    <runs and hides>:uhh:
  7. Mar 14, 2006 #6
    Would now be a good time to restart the debate about whether we should pass legislation redifining [tex]\pi=22/7[/tex]? ;)
  8. Mar 14, 2006 #7

    jim mcnamara

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    Cexy -

    That's a wonderful suggestion. Because politicians have trouble handling bodily functions on their own, having them mandate transcendental numbers like [tex]e[/tex] and [tex]\pi[/tex] would be lots of fun....
    since "pi are round" we can ask them to round [tex]\pi = 3.0[/tex] That's close enuff. :)
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  10. Mar 14, 2006 #9
    Watching that made me a little bit stupider.
  11. Mar 14, 2006 #10
    You all overlooked 15 hours, 92 minutes and 65.358... seconds - a slice of the pi.
  12. Mar 14, 2006 #11
    Why is today called Pi Day? A few of my friends were invited to a day of math at one of the schools in our area, but I wasn't invited, and I was wondering why "Pi" has it's own day.
  13. Mar 14, 2006 #12


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    I guess since the value of pi is approx. 3.14. And since today just happens to be March 14th (3.14), its called pi day.
  14. Mar 15, 2006 #13


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  15. Mar 15, 2006 #14
    Heh...the real "pi day" was actually March 14, 1593 :biggrin:
    (rounded up '3' from the '6')
  16. Mar 15, 2006 #15


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    According to Wikipedia,
    "The "ultimate" pi moment occurred on March 14, 1592, at 6:53 AM and 58 seconds."

    More Pi trivia from links at https://www.physicsforums.com/blog/2006/03/13/pi-day/ [Broken]
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