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Happy to know the community!!

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    Hi all, i am very proud and excited to be partof this wonderful community! :smile:
    I introduce myself. I am now a math student who lives in Italy, , but i plan to enroll in a course of physics, although my interest is mathematics are very fascinated with the physic, so i would be interested to know the mathematical aspects of this discipline...:blushing:
    I hope to continue to contribute and participate actively with everyone,and without too many disturbances!!
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    Welcome to PF...!

    You are at the right place if you want active discussions on maths and physics and both. Feel free to move about!

    Have fun...!
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    Thank you very much :smile: , i am very happy that someone has noticed me!! :woot:

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    You keep posting, and people will notice you more...! You yourself will observe a few people everywhere like ZapperZ, mfb, Chestermiller, etc
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