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Homework Help: Hard college geometry problem

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    I've been stuck on this problem for over 2 hrs. The problem is that I have an isosceles triangle with legs measuring sqrt(5) each and the base measuring 2. I have to find a way to dissect the isosceles triangle into 4 triangles so that the 4 triangles can be arranged into a square. So far I know that obviously the side of the square has to be sqrt(2) since area iso triangle=area square=side of square^2. I also know that the legs of the isoceles triangle must be cut some how because there is no way a length of sqrt(5) will fit into a square with dimensions of sqrt(2)xsqrt(2). Please any hints or help would be vastly appreciated.
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    That's a good one! Hmm...!
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    Nice problem. It is against our principles, but I must show the solution. I just can't help . :smile:

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