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Hard Disk Problem

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    I have four partitions, two of Windows and two of Linux. The Windows partitions have sizes 129 GB - C drive and 4 GB - W drive.

    When I check the amount of used space on C drive directly by right clicking on the C drive icon and then clicking properties, I get 55.1 GB used space and 74.1 GB free space.

    However when I select all the folders in C drive and then calculate their size, it comes out to be only 43.4 GB - a difference of nearly 12GB. The paging file size is only 1.5-3GB so that cannot account for this.

    Otherwise the computer is working absolutely fine and giving no problem at all.

    My computer is Dell GX620, Intel Processor 640 3.2GHz, 1 GB ram, 160GB SATA Seagate harddrive, Windows XP Professional SP2 and Suse Linux 10.

    What could be the cause of such a huge difference between the total size of folders and the used space on the disk reported by the computer?
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    It's the wasted space in the final cluster of each file. Open up a my computer window, then double click on one of your partitions. Click on edit, select all, then right click on any of the highlighted icons, and then click on properties. This will show the actual file sizes and the space used on disk for these files. You can also just right click on a file or folder and click on properties to see the same stats.
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    Oh! Thanks for the help
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