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Hard Disk Status

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    I need to know whether the hard disk is on or off during the following states (in windows vista):
    -During Standby
    -During Hybrid Standby
    -During Hibernation

    Note that I mean by on that the hard disk is spinning regardless if it is reading,writing or doing nothing.

    Please I need an answer based on knowledge not on whether you hear the fan noise or no. :smile:
    Thanks for any help!!
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    Sorry man, but if you're using Windows, I can't do anything for you other than hope that you eventually come to your senses.
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    Standby shuts down the machine and just keeps the ram powered.
    Hibernation copies the memory image to disk and turns everything off.
    Hybrid standby is some marketing term that means whatever they want it to mean.
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    The hard drive is not spinning in any of those states. It will spin for a moment while entering standby or hibernate mode due to it saving data to the drive.

    While fully in the modes, there is no activity.
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