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Hard math question

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in my opinion, i find this question really hard.

-the volume of a can of concentrated orange juice is represented by the following expression:
the juice is prepared by emptying the concentrate into a large container and by adding 3 cans of the same volume of water. after a good stir, the juice is poured into glasses measuring 9 cm in height and whose radius is (2x-3) cm. Use a simplified algebraic expression to represent the number of glasses that can be filled up to 1 cm from the rim.

i've drawn my diagrams i just don't know where to start. any help would be apreciated...
thanks in advance
The volume of the large container is 4*volume of oj concentrate

you would then divide that by the volume of the glass (-1 cm of height)


o i see wat the question ment when it said "3 cans of water of the same volume" AS THE CONCENTRATE, its really badly written.... thanks tho
btw, you won't find a constant number, you will find a function of x

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