Hard sphere model

  1. What do you know about the hard sphere model? and for this model used for colloids and polimers in fluids?
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  3. Andy Resnick

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    I know some things; what do you want to know?
  4. I have not idea about this model. I need a explication about it.
  5. Could you advise some book to learn about the topic?
  6. Andy Resnick

    Andy Resnick 5,781
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    Start with the classic paper (Percus-Yevick model), then move on to any decent book about colloids- monodisperse hard sphere colloids are a well-studied experimental system. Paul Chaikin, David Weitz, and others have published quite a bit in this area.
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    See also the early chapters in Chaikin & Lubensky.
  8. Could you give me the complete reference of the paper (Percus-Yevick model)? I didn't find.
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