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Hardening ways

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    is there anybody help me for learning hardening ways, links or anything else
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    Are you possibly referring to heat treatment of steels?
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    yes and also strain hardening an maybe alloys
    i am reaaly in trouble and have a hw tomorrow..
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    Surface Hardening of Steels
    http://www.keytosteel.com/Articles/Art113.htm [Broken]

    In general - http://www.keytosteel.com/Articles.htm [Broken]

    The Strengthening of Iron and Steel
    http://www.keytosteel.com/Articles/Art107.htm [Broken]

    Hardening and Tempering of Tool Steels
    http://www.keytosteel.com/Articles/Art53.htm [Broken]

    Hardenability of Steels
    http://www.keytosteel.com/Articles/Art146.htm [Broken]

    Work hardening and precipitation hardening.
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    Well, you just narrowed that down to one full year of materials classes. Do you have any specific questions?
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    especially no, that was just a hw of definitions and some examples for a general information and the rationale of these ways thanx anyway for ur care..
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    The links Astronuc provided are very good and will answer anything you need. If you have specific questions after your reading, feel free to ask.
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