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Aerospace Harder than any other

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    I personally think aerospace engineering is harder to pursue than any other engineering in the world? Do you agree it?
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    Next semester I've a Dynamics course - so we'll see then... :wink:
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    In the world?. I'm not too sure. Perhaps in USA is the hardest. But maybe in other parts not. It depends on the university you are, and how much hard and long is the program itself and the exams.
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    Material mechanics.

    Material mechanics :tongue:
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    Apples and Oranges

    Comparing different branches of engineering is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Although I am an aerospace engineer, there are other branches that I think have harder areas than aerospace. For instance, electrical engineers know worlds more about communications and transmitters than an aerospace engineer would know. However, an electrical engineer would be hard pressed to solve a CFD problem.

    Each branch of engineering is hard in its own right... that's exactly why there are different branches.
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