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Hardest internet enigma

  1. Feb 11, 2006 #1
    "Hardest internet enigma"


    646107 people have tried it since it started in April '05. When I tried a month or so back, no one had finished it.

    I like to consider myself a fairly smart guy, but I tried it and definitely only made it to level 5 or 6 before giving up.

    PS - I think some on the net have collaboratively worked on it and might have found a solution, but that takes the fun out of it and I'm not even sure if they've completely solved it.

    (Sorry if this is old news.)

    Good luck:eek: :grumpy:
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    I can't get past level 3

    Ok i cheated and got past level 3 but the un/pw didn't make any sense!!!
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    this is a huge ripoff of notpron. level one is exactly like level 2 of notpron and level 2 is just like level 3 of notpton.

    edit- currently stuck on six
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    Yeah, it's a lot like notpron. But in his defense, he talks about notpron in the info section and credits it as his inspiration.
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    whoo!! level 31!! Most of these are too similar to notpron. I remember how to do them. I had to cheat on 30 though :redface:
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    Fancy picture.. great
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