Harmonic resonance

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i am new bie in power sytem. I have found term "harmonic resonance" in power system, when i was gooleing, i found that resonance means XL = XC.
but i can't figure it out in my head. what the harmonic resonance is?

i have tried to find graph or figure that explain it, but the result is nill.
would you like to tell me,
#1 what is the harmonic resonance
#2 its diagram (the link reference)
#3 why does harmonic resonance can create a damage in the system

really appreciate for your kind help



This is one of the best non math oriented descriptions I have ever read.
It's not very long and covers all your topics, complete with diagrams!
http://www.lightandmatter.com/html_books/lm/ch18/ch18.html [Broken]
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