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Harnessing Condensation

  1. Apr 10, 2008 #1
    Do any of you know of successful processes that encourage condensation, and then collect the water droplets that are produced?

    I am trying to design a system that uses minimal if any energy to run that would provide a potable source of water for the home. I am aware of the condensation produced through refrigeration processes and dehumidifying systems but I have not come across much else.

    There is an existing concept that uses a similar process to what I am intending on doing, waterunlimited, by Max Whisson, but if you guys have any thoughts it would be great

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    I'd look into 'inverse-tenting' a plastic sheet over a bunch of plants. They 'breathe' out water vapour.
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    Wasn't that called a 'cloud catcher' or fog catcher or something like that? I saw something like that ones as a tool for developing countries.
    It looked like a large net that came out in buckets or something like that.
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