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HARP feud

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    From: Physics World: Sept 24, 2009

    http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/40475" [Broken]

    In regard to my original inquiry in post #3, (that was hijacked, sorry, I will not let that happen again) see below:
    This case applies to the HARP experiment at CERN that was to be completed before the LHC started collisions and collecting data. From the link above:
    The CERN Research director, Dr Bertolucci said that scrutiny to papers published from LHC experiments will not be filtered to ensure scientific quality.

    In summary:

    1. In fighting over data quality split the HARP data analysis group into two camps, Dydak and Official group
    2. Dydak's splinter group was vindicated after review
    3. The official group's data was published as accurate, and a rebuttal was not allowed by Dydak's group​
    4. The director Dr Bertolucci, said the groups should have worked together, which in hindsight seems impossible given the situation. From an outsider looking in, it would seem Dydak's group had better analysis, but because of politics, the director tried to play the role of peacemaker.​

    From the director's comment about LHC Data analysis paper's not being filtered to ensure accuracy, it would seem that more of the same could happen with the larger groups who will be responsible for analyzing the LHC data...

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