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In summary, the conversation is about the search for a solutions manual for GR from Hartle's "Gravity: An Introduction" textbook. The person is looking for solutions to some key problems and mentions a few options found online, including one by Jorge Ramos. However, the others suggest seeking help in forums rather than relying on unofficial solutions manuals. The thread is then closed.
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I've started learning GR from Hartle's "Gravity: An Introduction ...". It's all going well, but I feel I could benefit from solutions to some of the key problems. I assume Hartle hasn't published a companion solution guide.

A few options show up on line. One by Jorge Ramos, for example.

Any advice?

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Why not post your attempted solutions here or elsewhere and ask for verification or help if you get stuck? The only available official solutions manual is exclusive to professors and TAs of the associated GR course and I've found from personal experience that unofficial solutions manuals can often be blatantly wrong, make subtle computational mistakes, or miss subtle conceptual points.
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Besides, as per the official PF policy, we don't encourage any access to solutions manuals, unless you're a teacher of GR, in which case you should address yourself directly to the publisher *of course, if the author of the textbook already published the solutions of his proposed problems*, not here.
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What WbN and dextercioby said.
You can find help with individual problems here in our homework forums, but we won't encourage your search for a solutions manual.

This thread is closed.
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As a scientist familiar with general relativity, I can assure you that Hartle's book is a reputable and comprehensive introduction to the subject. While it is true that Hartle has not published a companion solution guide, there are several resources available online that can provide solutions to the problems in the book. The solution guide by Jorge Ramos is one example, but there are also other resources such as online forums or study groups where you can discuss and work through the problems with others. My advice would be to explore these options and find the one that best fits your learning style and needs. Additionally, don't hesitate to reach out to other experts in the field for guidance and clarification on any specific problems that may be giving you trouble. Keep up the good work in your studies of general relativity!

1. What is a Hartle Problem?

A Hartle Problem is a type of mathematical problem that involves finding the optimal solution for a given set of constraints and objectives. It is often used in operations research and decision-making in fields such as engineering, economics, and management.

2. What are some common real-world applications of Hartle Problems?

Hartle Problems are commonly used in industries such as transportation, logistics, and manufacturing to optimize routes, schedules, and production processes. They are also used in financial planning and investment management to make strategic decisions.

3. How do Hartle Problems differ from other types of optimization problems?

Unlike other optimization problems, Hartle Problems often involve complex constraints and multiple objectives. This makes finding the optimal solution more challenging and requires advanced mathematical techniques such as linear programming, dynamic programming, and heuristic algorithms.

4. What are some potential benefits of solving Hartle Problems?

Solving Hartle Problems can lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, and better decision-making. By finding the optimal solution, organizations can minimize waste, maximize profits, and make more informed choices based on data-driven analysis.

5. Are there any limitations to using Hartle Problems?

While Hartle Problems can be powerful tools for optimization, they also have some limitations. They may not always take into account external factors or unexpected events, and the optimal solution may not always be feasible or practical in real-world scenarios. Additionally, solving Hartle Problems requires a high level of technical expertise and can be time-consuming and computationally intensive.

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