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Hartle Problems & Solutions

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    I've started learning GR from Hartle's "Gravity: An Introduction ...". It's all going well, but I feel I could benefit from solutions to some of the key problems. I assume Hartle hasn't published a companion solution guide.

    A few options show up on line. One by Jorge Ramos, for example.

    Any advice?

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    Why not post your attempted solutions here or elsewhere and ask for verification or help if you get stuck? The only available official solutions manual is exclusive to professors and TAs of the associated GR course and I've found from personal experience that unofficial solutions manuals can often be blatantly wrong, make subtle computational mistakes, or miss subtle conceptual points.
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    Besides, as per the official PF policy, we don't encourage any access to solutions manuals, unless you're a teacher of GR, in which case you should address yourself directly to the publisher *of course, if the author of the textbook already published the solutions of his proposed problems*, not here.
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    What WbN and dextercioby said.
    You can find help with individual problems here in our homework forums, but we won't encourage your search for a solutions manual.

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