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Hartree-Fock exchange operator

  1. Sep 13, 2005 #1
    I'm trying to understand the Hartree-Fock mathematical formulation I understand the Coulomb operator, but I dont understand the exchange operator:
    Can any one explain me why this operator is like this. I understand that it is the interaction of the j-th electron with the electrons' cloud but... how it come to be like that

    thanks in advance :confused:
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    I don't know anything about that formulation, but this book on Google Print might help:

    Google Print

    You can't see all the relevant information, but I think it might help you understand where the idea's headed.
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  4. Sep 26, 2005 #3
    I guess the integral on the rhs is simply the matrix element <j|K|phi> of the electrostatic potential. Therefore K|phi> is indeed given by |j><j|K|ph> .
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