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Hartree Fock in QM I

  1. Apr 24, 2017 #1
    When I took undergrad QM, our last assignment was solving the 4 particle system as a function of inter-nuclear separation. I just read Shankar (30 years later) for a review. There was no mention of SCF theory in the book. Was my instructor ahead of the curve?
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    If a book doesn't discuss multi electron atoms it is unlikely it would discuss the Hartree-Fock method..
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    George Jones

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    It's too specialized and too advanced for most undergrad quantum texts, then or now. When I was a student at about that time, it was in my quantum course, but my prof used it in his research.

    I see that it is in texts by Messiah (1957), and by Merzbacher (2nd edition, 1970). It is also in more recent texts by Auletta, Fortunato, and Parisi (2009), and by Konishi and Paffuti (2009).
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