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News Has American Media gone soft?

  1. Nov 4, 2005 #1
    I was appalled yesterday to see several major media outlets covering such bubble gum topics as "Offensive Abercrombie & Finch T Shirts".

    With the war and corruption in government has the US Media dropped the ball or do people just not care?

    I remember hearing a comedian say how he believes Americans are "Eager to be offended"
    Is this what drives such non-stories into our Media other than things that really matter? IT OFFENDS ME! :grumpy:

    I would be offended if my child were to come home from some godforsaken hell hole missing a leg or worse so G-Dubs buddies can make a few dollars.

    I am offended that the Oil Companies just posted record profits.

    I am offended that the US Government strong arms people that dont play along with their crooked "War on Terror" by exposing their loved ones and putting them in harms way.

    I am offended that our Government does not have the well being of the common citizen as their 1st priority. (and they havent for a looooong time)

    But I couldn't care less if Abercrombie & Fitch sells a T Shirt that reads "I had a nightmare I was a Brunette" If you don't like it, DON'T BUY IT!

    With the Media turning a blind eye to such injustices will America ever be able to WAKE UP? :surprised
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    The American Media dropped the ball? Wait... when did they even have a ball in the first place?
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    Putting aside the stupidity of certain 'newsworthy' items, you have to realize there is a delineation of the news according to the scope of the program. Your local news station and newspapers are often going to carry trivial items, simply because there isn't a lot going on in your backyard unless you live in a major city. It's not like war-related and other international items aren't being covered. They are on the front pages and top segments of programs constantly. The problem there is with the quality of the coverage. Every program/paper seems to cover the same things while leaving out an awful lot that is happening.
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    Simply put, I don't know how you can say that the media has turned a blind eye to these topics. The 2000 mark on the death toll, oil company profits, and the whole Wilson/Plame issue have been all over the place. If you want nothing but these topics covered, then I guess they've dropped the ball for you, but it's not like these events are being ignored.
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    haha and after reading the OP, i wonder how people can say its the media who are the ones who super-sensationalize every fart in the wind. Can you be any more dramatic? Get off your soap box...
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    I hardly consider the things I mentioned as "farts in the wind" but I guess they are trivial for you.
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    Thats odd because you are probably at fault. Record numbers of people are driving. And of course, only 1 company reported that. Would you be offended if Microsoft posted record profits after releasing a new operating system to a country with a record number of computer users? Thought not.

    1 case, sensationalism and opinion.

    0 cases, sensationalism and banter.
  9. Nov 5, 2005 #8
    You're right, it's my fault.
    I drove 40 million miles last fiscal qtr.
    =OR= Gas prices were needlessly raised to over 3 dollars a gallon, using natural disaster as an excuse to empty the pockets of the working man.

    Huh? Thats not even remotely similar.
    If Software suddenly became unreasonably overpriced, people wouldnt buy it.
    It's not like you have to upgrade your OS once a week or your computer stops working.
    No gas = No car = No work.

    Oh ok. 1 case is ok. I guess we should give them a stern warning as long as its only (1) case. I am going to rob (1) bank.
    Are you insane?

    Tell that to the people in New Orleans, or one of the parents of the 2,000+ soldiers that are *dead* because Iraq has WMD's... I mean because we are spreading democracy.

    I find it rediculous that no matter the topic we can always count on Pengwuino to leap in and defend GW and his cronies tooth and nail.
    That kind of blind allegiance is just what this administration needs.
    I think you are a fool Pengwuino.
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