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Has any of you read Twilight?

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    Has any of you read Twilight?
    I've just started the first book. So far it seems to me that poor Bella must suffer from a serious neurological condition which causes her to fall and injure herself all the time :-)
    I can see that this series is definitely one of the worse ones, but I'm in mood for light and shallow reading now. And I've seen the movie in the cinema which made us with my friend laugh out loud so that our stomachs hurt. At least the writing style is not as bad as Hunger Games which caused me almost physical pain so I couldn't finish it.
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    I have only seen the first 2 movies (not by choice a girl made me do it). All I can say is for most of the movie I wanted to claw my eyes out.
    Not super surprising seeing the books/movies were not aimed at 20somthing men :)

    Fun Fact: Apparently (or so I've been told) 50 Shades of Grey started out as Twilight fan fiction....
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    That about 50 shades is interesting, I didn't know that. But now that I think about it if makes sense
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