Has any string theorist considered a research program to avoid landscape

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string theory tells us that the world is 11-dimensiona, 10 spacial 1 dimension of time.

string theorists have struggled with how to get 4D out of 11D, and arrived at landscape.

I wonder if any string theorist considered this possibility,

space at the planck scale consists of 10-D brane spatial manifolds, which link together to form 3D large spatial dimensions. our 4D universe is the summation of 11D-brane manifolds summed together. There would be no need for a 4+6 composition to tackle.

While the details would need to be worked out (maybe with the help of LQG! - perhaps the mathematics of spin net works can explain how 11-D manifolds combine to give us 4D spacetime) has this research program been attempted and if so, how promising is it?

i want to thank bananan for his generous donation without which this post would not be possible.
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