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Has anybody seen stuff like this before?

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    Simon Bridge

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    http://www.3news.co.nz/Kiwi-physicist-was-on-to-something-40-years-ago/tabid/817/articleID/233202/Default.aspx [Broken] ... is the headline.

    The story is that a NZer had done an experiment 40 years ago that anticipated the FTL-neutrino thing ... there is a hint that the research stalled due to lack of funding because of a prejudiced scientific community.

    I figure Doug Phillips (presented as a physicist, but with nothing to back it up) probably failed peer-review for a reason. This was not examined and nor was his original paper shown to anyone else for balance.

    I kinda remember something like this from a while back. It looks like hes set up a Michealson-Morely interferometer where one beam passes through a rotating thingy with mirrors on it. It seems he should definitely see fringe shifts because he has time-varying path-differences but I cannot make out the details. [Just to be clear: the fringe shifts would occur without FTL.]

    Has anybody else encountered something like this before?
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