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Has anyone competed in scientific competitions?

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    In which? Have you taken any prizes?
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    In my childhood when I was in class 8th, our teacher told us that we have to participate in the science competetion held by some government agencies. So he selected me and two other class fellows. The teacher told us that we have to make a solar room cooling system. I watched his idea and soon realized that he does not have enough potential to do this.
    What happened at the competetion was that he sprayed the dummy room with some kind of spirit to cool the environment just before showing to the judges and even they did not realized what was done to the apparatus.
    At the end of show we were awarded certificates for this project.
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    I've never won anything in a scientific contest, but I have received a couple of prizes in design engineering contests somewhere in the deep dark past. I once received First in a microprocessor design contest (Motorola/EDN), in which my entry was for the implementation of a "Digital Differential Analyzer" (the digital counterpart of an analog computer - - these can handle some problems that are unmanageable analytically).

    The other was for First in a Gate Array (mask programmable type) design contest for Gould/AMI/Computer Design.

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    I won some things in high school: there was the time I won a test tube that my chemistry teacher gave a silver coating in front of the class, that was for knowing the abbreviations for all the elements in the periodic table.

    Then there was a time that I heated water in a paper cup to the highest temperature in class, I don't remember what I received for that.. I believe a chocolate bar.

    There was a competition that all the students scoring an average of 9 or higher for their chemistry graduation would win something, me and another guy received an erlenmeyer filled with licorice for that.. our chemistry teacher was a great teacher :smile: it was fun having small competitions like that.

    The last prize I won was in a poster competition, which got me all the way to Sardinia Italy :biggrin:
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    I've had my share of competitions,we called them "olympiads".In HS,i've taken part in mathematics,chemistry and physics.Nothing too extraordinary,when it comes to results. But it was fun.Preparation for the competitions meant skipping classes on other (very boring) subjects,especially English and Romanian literature.:devil:

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    I was the national champ in physics back in 8th grade. That's about it.
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    I competed in the International Science and Engineering Fair twice, in 1994 and 1995. I won a 2nd grand award in engineering one year, and a 3rd grand award the next. My total winnings paid for my first car! :biggrin:

    After high school, though, there aren't so many contests.... if you do well in university, you just get to continue to the next class!

    - Warren
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    i won a nobel prize in physics a few years back and bought myself a time machine made of a delorean..

    actually i got first place in the science fair once rofl
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    I took second place at a regional "Invention Convention" in 4th grade by inventing a paint roller that pumps the paint directly into the roller, so that you don't have to continually dip it and roll it along the grating. Imagine my surprise when, several years ago, I saw a commercial for a similar product new to the market. It doesn't seem to have caught on much, but maybe I should have patented that one.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I won a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for a science education device.

    Edit: Disney was one of my competitors. :approve:
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