Has anyone ever read The Nature of Personal Reality?

  1. i am currently reading the nature of personal reality by jane roberts and i have a few questions and i would also like to discuss the implications of this book.

    what exactly is natural guilt?

    how can i identify and change my core beliefs?

    how do my thoughts shape the physical me and how can i miniputale it?

    .....any others i will post as i think of them
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  3. Evo

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    Never heard of it, doesn't sound like something I would read.
  4. Evo

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    OY :bugeye: I looked it up. It's written by a dead guy named Seth (Jane Roberts channels him). As one commenter on Amazon.com said it's "the Bible for the whole the New Age Movement".

    Now I know why I've never heard of it.

    Whatever floats your boat is what I always say.
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