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Has anyone experienced Synchronicity

  1. Mar 12, 2005 #1
    Has anyone in here ever experienced the phenomena of synchronicity? I have had a lot of this happen to me and I would like to hear the stories of others that have had some "meaningful coincidences."

    I am a deep believer of Jung's theories and trying to argue with me the validity of his theories is useless and this is not the goal of this thread If you are a skeptic of Jung (and I am sure there are many) I will respect your opinion by simply not replying to your skepticism. Thanks

    PS: I will be away from my computer until 3/14/05 so please be patient for my response to your replies. Thank you
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    I experience synchronicity quite regularly, if I understand what you mean by it.
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    Synchronicity, happens so often in my life that I take it for granted. I call mine the "ten" factor. Parking meters with 10 minutes left, winning 10 tickets to the show, the grocery bill being $10.10 ect.
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    Parking meters with 10 minutes left?! Wow! Motown has changed. :wink:
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    I just searched for synchronicity on the forums here, because I have just discovered this term whilst searching on the net trying to find out why a certain number keeps appearing in my life.

    I constantly see the number 237 all the time.

    Some examples are looking at the clock and it's either 2:37, 14:37, 12:37 - I accept this could just be my body clock fooling me here, and I may subconsciously know it's about this time..

    But it pops up in so many other ways too; from hotel room numbers, to the amount I'll get charged at a supermarket checkout (£23.70, etc) - in fact just the other week I ordered some books on Amazon relating to chaos and complexity theory and the amount at checkout came to £22.37!

    I've started making a point of showing my girlfriend whenever the number appears, and she can't believe it and is shocked at it's frequency.

    We were in the estate agents last week and were told that the council tax on our new home is £1237 a year.

    There are more examples.

    It sometimes makes me think that perhaps I'm on the right track in life, and it sometimes makes me wonder whether it's some form of guidance. But I wonder whether any number would pop up as much as this if you are always on the lookout for it?
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    Start counting all the numbers you see that aren't 237. (OH MY GOD, THERE IT IS!!!!) For example, the number of posts in this thread, your number of posts, the posting time of THIS pos, the number of emoticons in this post, the number of results a google search brings up.

    If you think that sounds stupid, just remember you would consider it relevant if they had 237 in them.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Not really synchronicity but strange. For years, like ten to fifteen years perhaps..., I would often wake up at exactly 3:15 AM, according to my clock.

    I wondered if it's possible that I might actually see the clock in my sleep and for some reason I had trained myself to wake up. As a kid, on occasion I was known to sleep with my eyes open. It really scared a friend's mom once. I had stayed over night and she thought I was dead! :rofl:

    I have noticed some very strange, seemingly meaningful coincidences in my life. For years I have toyed with ways to quantify the odds of certain classes of events. Note that without going into my seat of the pants definition of classes, in this case I mean simple events: For example, hearing the same name for the first time, and again then several more times in one day, and for no particular reason. Certain classes of 1:1,000,000 type events like this are actually fairly common; and should be. But I believe that other classes of events take place that get into odds more like one in a billion, or greater, that are so rare that we should each experience at most, one in a lifetime. Of course a proper treatment of this is beyond me, and it may well be impossible to calculate something like this as a closed form solution, but ball park estimates seem to be possible at times.
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    I think that I'd put all of this into the same category as those people who think that they're psychic because they get a phone call from someone that they were thinking of. It totally escapes them that they thought of thousands of other people who didn't call them. The same as 'fortune tellers'. Nobody seems to remember the 99.5% of the time that they're wrong; one right prediction, or even close to one, makes them genuine. I think, to some extent, about almost everyone I've ever met at least every couple of days or so. If someone I haven't seen in 40 years calls, I'm not going to say 'Oh, I was just thinking about you the other day!'
    As for the waking up bit, it's probably just your own biological clock paying attention for you. I have almost no time sense consciously, but can wake up within a few minutes of when I want to.
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    Yes, I've noticed that I tend to wake up earlier when I'm worried about waking up in time. I figured it was a psychological/physical bonus ;).

    Although, there are the times I slept in and I do tend to wake up a lot in the morning...
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