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Has anyone heard of or read about The Vortex Theory?

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    Care to share? They are claiming relativity is based on some wrong assumptions about time, that its obsolete.
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    I got an email about it a few months ago. They probably mined these forums for email addresses.

    Lets see. They have a miraculous new discovery which will turn physics on its end. They have no articles in any scholarly journals. Their website gives no formulas or even examples of where their theory would apply, AND they want you to send them money to find out about their "theory".

    Yep, sounds like a winner to me.
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    Yeah Enigma, I noticed that...

    they also made some claims I've seen sort of reminiscent to a new theory on PF v2 with regard to time being a byproduct of motion.
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    If the vortex theory is right it should be equivalent to the theory of interaction.
    You may download essentials of the latter for free at http://www.eugenesavov.com
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    lets agree on right assumptions about time. have you seen my 'CONSTRUCTION OF TIME' in 'ARGUMENTS AGAINST MODERN PHYSICS'. what about it?
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